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At Modern Planner, we inspire you build a quality business and life. With a focus on intention, schedule, systems, and taking action, we help you plan ahead to get ahead.


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Introducing 5 Mindset Shifts That Will Save You Time™, the free email course that will show you how simple changes in our mindsets can make a huge impact on our schedules.

This course was written with the busy entrepreneur in mind, struggling to balance work and home life. But we all know that you don’t need to be an entrepreneur to feel overwhelmed and want to save time. So regardless of your season of life and work situation, there is most likely something covered that will support you.




It’s a struggle to stay on top of everything you’ve said yes to. The calendar is full of deadlines and meetings, late nights and early mornings. You’re getting things done, but something or someone is always neglected (this person is often you). Your energy slowly drains from the exhaustion and anxiety…

Save Your Schedule™ teaches you how to keep your days full without you feeling overwhelmed, as you discover how to organize commitments and priorities while making space for the things you love most. Let’s take the word busy out of your life and give you a schedule you can get excited about.




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